Epi-Genes Xpress - 30ml

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Epi-Genes Xpress - 30ml

Epi-Genes Xpress

As one ages skin regeneration slows down, the epidermis (outer layer of skin) becomes thinner and epidermal nerve endings decrease, the complexion loses luminosity, facial features appear tired and wrinkled.

However, when instructions from our genes are activated and converted into proteins, they perform essential functions as enzymes, hormones and receptors, promoting epidermal recovery, this is called 'Gene Expression'. Genes are segments of our DNA and they work like instruction manuals for our bodies, essential in the fight against the ageing process.

RégimA Zone Epi-Genes Xpress epitomises multifunctional anti-ageing excellence.  How was this achieved?  A winning combination of the most advanced technologies in one magical product.  Actives used at maximum efficacy help stimulate renewal, leading to a thicker, healthier looking, energized, more youthful epidermis. 

There has been found to be a link between nerve degeneration and epidermal thinning.  To the rescue is a topical booster, derived from an African seed, clinically proven to reverse the natural loss of nerve fibres, which occurs with ageing, and has been shown to enhance epidermal innervation, stimulating nerve regrowth, helping to fight epidermal thinning, which directly impacts visibly on the outer skin, smoothing and brightening.

Probiotic supplements are renowned for supporting the immune system via the gut. What about topical benefits? The usual way is to apply good bacteria to destroy bad micro-organism growth on the skin, calming and beneficial for acne. However, the most innovative topical, anti-ageing jewel to conjure with, is an advanced, extremely pro-active, probiotic, from specialised fermented bacterium.  Clinical human studies prove RégimA's choice of probiotic uniquely activates 'gene expression', accelerating healthy epidermal renewal. Results reveal a smoother, thicker skin with significant reduction in wrinkle depth.

The unique synergy of actives, in this deliciously luxurious product, significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin is visibly smoother, thicker and more resilient, bringing back the all important youthful glow. RégimA has found the X Factor.

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