Target Cellulite - 200ml

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Target Cellulite - 200ml

Target Cellulite – Silhouette Contouring Complex

90% of women have cellulite, the hormone, oestrogen, being a major culprit, stimulating metabolic activity of adipocytes (fat cells). Fat, fluids and toxins are trapped under the skin, fat is compressed, circulation is hampered, causing an orange peel effect.

It is the quality of a woman’s skin and age, rather than the quantity of fat in their thighs, that determines whether cellulite occurs. As women mature, skin becomes thinner and cellulite looks worse. It is critical therefore that the anti-ageing factor is brought into the treatment equation.

Synergistic action of advanced cellulite solutions, plus anti-ageing excellence, is the key. Engineering of natural actives, isolated from an enriched fraction of bitter orange tree, facilitates progressive elimination of oedema (fluid retention), stimulates microcirculation by vaso-dilatation and decongestion. Sacred lotus, breaks down fat storage, limits formation of new fat cells. The addition of a Natural biopolymer has a tensor, lifting, anti-wrinkle effect, smoothing and visibly elastisizing, improving contour, plus the look and feel of lack lustre skin.


Star Ingredient


  • Visible lifting, firming, elastisizing



  • A new offensive against cellulite extracted from the petals of the bitter orange tree
  • This ingredient has lipolytic (breaking down of fat) properties as well as decongesting. Smoothing, Toning, Improving the Silhouette
  • Stimulates lipolysis (breaking down of fat), increasing the levels of fatty acids and mobilising of stored fats
  • Activates microcirculation via vasodilating, leading to progressive elimination of venous stasis and draining oedema. Tissues are decongested and the appearance of spongy cellulite is clearly improved.
  • Human trail volunteers exhibited a significant increase in skin microcirculation, showing progressive elimination of oedema
  • Dermal density – In Trials 79% showed a significant increase in the density of the dermis of the treated thigh, a reflection of the reduction of fat infiltration



  • An aquatic plant rich in flavonols offers Triple Action anti-cellulite approach
  • Ultra powerful active ingredient targeting cellulite and drainage
  • Activates lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and the elimination of lipids.
  • Reduces fat storage by activating lipolysis and boosting the synthesis of the universal gene for caloric restriction: SIRT-1 Adiponectin
  • Limits adipose tissue (fat tissue) inflammation by stimulating the expression of adiponectin, the Gene for caloric restriction, and inhibits fat cell differentiation


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