Scar Repair Mini - 15ml


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Scar Repair Mini - 15ml

Extremely versatile scar repairing cream for use on new and old scars. Helps accelerate the healing process. May be used with or without Micropore tape.

Seen clinically to have a positive effect on even hypertrophic or keloid scarring. A prevention and 'treatment' for stretchmarks. Also seen to have a very positive effect on scarred, acneform skins. May be used am and pm under RégimA day and night products on damaged, thin, ageing skins to help thicken, repair and re-elasticize (Medical Aid NAPPI Code 880922001)

Scar formation is the normal way for the body to repair itself. Scars can never be removed completely. However, if treated correctly one can achieve more rapid scar maturation and an optimal cosmetic appearance. When a scar is left untreated, or given the wrong treatment, it may become thickened, red and inflamed.

If scars (or stretch marks) are new or old, but are still pink, red, purple, raised, painful, itchy, then one may benefit from RégimA Scar Repair.

NOTE: Fragranced creams or tissue oils MUST NOT be applied to new scars and no other product should be combined with Scar Repair.

Directions for use:

NEW SCARS: Following suture removal massage Scar Repair 2 to 4 times daily into a new scar. Continue daily application until scar becomes pale and flattens.

OLD SCARS: May be applied twice daily to lumpy, red, itchy or painful older scars. Massage Scar Repair into the affected areas.

STRETCH MARKS: Massage twice daily into areas prone to stretching ie. breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs to help prevent stretch mark development. If one has new stretch marks which are pink, or purple massage twice daily into affected areas.

Safe to use on all skins, including infants and during pregnancy. All scars may benefit from the continued application of RégimA Scar Repair.

MUST NOT be combined with any other product range

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