A day in the life of a RegimA Salon

Karen Morris

You know, I really am lucky to see this amazing view on my way into work, I never tire of it…best “office view” ever 😉 . With mandatory double expresso in coffee holder, windows down, sun is shining, the singing (badly) begins and I drive along the seafront, with a huge smile on my face.

“Setting up” the salon is one of my favourite parts of the day…. it’s like setting the stage and waiting for the performance to begin, the leading characters … our fab clients. Candles are lit, rooms smell divine, trolleys are well stocked with our fab REGIMA PRODUCTS… let the day commence.

Mrs Hall, age 84 has been having manicures here since the day we opened, a mere 19 years ago

(gasp) armed with her homemade quiche for our lunch, (yes, we know we’re spolit) she slumps in the chair, complaining of the heat and more to the point her “prickly heat” all over her arms and chest. “It’s driving me mad, she groans, itches like crazy, especially at night” “and the cream the doctor gave me isn’t working”. Aaaahaaaa, I hear Aliesha shout, we can sort that for you. Mrs Halls arms and chest are lovingly washed down with cool water and DERMAZEST, dried off and coated with SCAR REPAIR. We just know she will get a great night’s sleep.

Our next client breezes through the door with a look of excitement on her face as she holds a ballerina pose and lets out a “TA DA LOOK, LOOK, SHE SQUEALS, NO MAKE UP!” Chloe has had bad acne and acne scarring since she was 14 years old. Now a very lovely 23 year old and a RegimA convert. After 6 RegimA skin peels and RegimA homecare products, Chloe’s skin is now, as clear as her enthusiasm and newly found confidence. We usher her into a treatment room, which by NO coincidence, is named “BEAUTIFUL”.

We all know, Summer means dehydration for our bodies, but clients often forget this, time to re-inforce the effects on the skin and promote our moisture bursting “Products of the Month” Super Smoother for the face and décolletage and Intense Finishing Touch Body Gel, to make them pins look toned and well moisturised…. clients love to sample our products, always left on reception and we encourage use of them…. Well, the proof is in the pudding don’t you agree?

Lunch on the run, is a quick revitalising glass of water and a sneaky bite of the scrumptious quiche, thank you Mrs Hall….

Thursday afternoons get very busy in the hair salon too., and you can’t but help overhear conversations around you. One of our regular clients delights in telling another client who is complaining about psoriasis on her scalp that, she once suffered with this condition too, until she used DERMAZEST …. What’s Dermazest she asks ?? my new shampoo and shower gel she tells her, as she ushers her to our retail display .. there it is, she says, couldn’t live without it…and it smells good too. Who needs sales training when your client’s do a great job for you lol…

Thursday afternoon bring a whole new dimension to the salon, as we open our doors to some remarkable ladies, who are either going through treatment for cancer, or have had cancer. We as a salon offer free facials and REGIMA as a company donate free products which allow these sessions to take place. We have 4 ladies booked in today, each with their own story, their own scars, but they all have one thing in common…HOPE AND COURAGE. I, as a RegimA trained therapist, know, first hand, how these amazing, wound healing products, really will and do make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, these sessions are not all doom and gloom, these sessions are filled with fun, laughter, and truly indulgent, relaxing facials. (The naps are free)

As the end of the day draws near, I hear a little ouch from the hairdressing section, as one of the stylists has cut her finger on sharp scissors…. You just know what I’m going to say…. Enter the ambulance and paramedic in tubes, disguised as Laser Azu-Repair and Scar repair….

Maybe its time to rethink the branding of the salon….. REGIMA STOCKIST…MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE BEAUTY SALON

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