Sun Pro - 100ml


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Sun Pro - 100ml

Water resistant, Repairing, Regenerating. The most versatile sun protecting product may be used on the face and body, especially during all sports, including swimming.

Safe for all skin types and all ages. Contains laminaria algae helping repair sunburn and sun damage. However, it is not only the SPF factor which provides sun protection but the combination of other active ingredients that are critical to repairing and protecting.

Experience instant cooling, radiance and protection of the skin with this super absorbing, uniquely smoothing emulsi-gel.

The skin is safeguarded from the sun's harmful rays by UVA & UVB sun protectors as well as powerful anti-free radical vitamins A, C & E and bioflavonoids, assisting further in the prevention of skin damage. Sun Pro's unique plant complex, rich in polyphenols, should be applied during and after sun exposure, and particularly in cases of sunburn, to limit damage. Laminaria Algae from the South Sea Islands, rich in natural Q10 which energises the cells, and polyunsaturated amino acids provides further anti-free radical protection, reduces photo-induced inflammation and diminishes the formation of solar keratoses (sun spots) when used during and following sun exposure. Provides essential skin nourishment.

The result is renewed suppleness, elasticity, hydration and repair with every application.

All sun exposure can lead to skin damage. If tanning ensure you have the protection of water resistant Sun Pro to promote a longer lasting, safer tan. Helps prevent chapping of the skin from perspiration in extreme temperatures and after extensive exercise.

Suited to all skin types. Safe to use during pregnancy and on babies. Use all year round.

Directions for use:

Sun Pro should be applied to the face and body if exposed to harsh sunshine, particularly sunbathing, running, cycling, swimming etc.. Following application of RégimA day products apply a layer of Sun Pro over the top to the face and body when exposed to the sun.

Reapply regularly, especially following sun bathing, swimming or active sports. Always apply before swimming in chlorinated pools or in the sea to protect the skin from dehydration and damage.

Apply in the evenings following excessive sun exposure to help relieve and reduce any redness or inflammation.

Ideally a sunscreen should be applied half an hour prior to sun exposure. One must always apply a decent layer to exposed areas and DO NOT rub into the skin until the cream is dispersed.

MUST NOT be combined with any other product range

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